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Reason #4 of 52 to invest in venture

It makes you interesting

It’s 2024, and Doriot Venture Labs is posting one reason each week why everyone should invest in venture. Below is reason #4 of 52.

Being an investor in startups makes you an interesting person. Why?

Because 99% of the population “is not” a startup investor but wish they could be. 

And, as long as you only invest what you can afford, it doesn’t matter the size of each investment. The returns of being interesting are all the same whether you’re investing $10 or $1,000,000.

And because you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone, you get to learn a ton about the future of how we might work, play, and live.

One week you might be reviewing a startup using AI to modernize marketing. The next week you're deciding whether to invest in a company delivering professional grief support to anyone that has lost a family member or pet via a text message.

All of these cool ideas that you learn about make you interesting, and people enjoy being around those who are interesting.

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