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Reason #18 of 52 to participate in venture

Overcoming anxiety

Studies indicate that nearly 1 out of every 3 adults experiences anxiety about the future. This statistic is staggering and underscores the challenge we face as a society. Anxiety, often rooted in fear, can hinder growth and success. Many individuals feel anxious about the future because they believe they lack the resources to navigate uncertainty, such as job loss or retirement.

So, how can participating in venture capital alleviate this anxiety? Venture capital is inherently high risk, uncertain, and often misunderstood, characteristics that typically fuel anxiety. However, the key lies in the fact that as a venture investor, you must learn to navigate uncertainty and make informed decisions about where to invest your capital.

Attempting this alone can be daunting, which is why many people shy away from participation. Yet, by joining a community of like-minded individuals, all facing similar challenges, anyone can gradually learn to overcome their fears around money. Viewing money as a tool to create capital for dealing with an uncertain future can be a significant breakthrough towards financial success.

Here at Doriot, we are building such a community, with exciting details to be revealed soon, including real incentives to participate in the venturing process and create the capital you need for an uncertain future. Stay tuned for more updates!