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Reason #14 of 52 to participate in Venture

Honing your gut instinct

One of the greatest human attributes we possess is our gut instinct, also known as intuition. Psychology studies have shown that intuition is a genuine process where the brain utilizes past experiences, internal signals, and environmental cues to aid decision-making. This process occurs so swiftly that it often bypasses our conscious awareness.

However, intuition isn't mystical; rather, it's an extension of our normal memory and cognitive functions—a mental skill greatly influenced by life experiences. Thus, the more we tap into our gut instinct, the better we refine this critical skill.

Venture serves as a virtual playground for harnessing your gut instinct. When you're engaged in inventing the future, data to support your direction may be scarce, requiring you to delve inward, filtering out the white noise of your conscious self, and listen closely. It's in this introspective space where the answers often reside. This skill translates to every aspect of your life.