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Reason #11 of 52 to participate in Venture

Learning how to lean into uncertainty

Jumping into a venture, whether you're starting your own business, investing capital into a new idea, or getting going on any sort of innovative project, is akin to stepping into a fog of uncertainty. You almost never get the whole picture or a promise of success upfront. Entrepreneurs and Venture Investors get used to making the best calls they can with what they've got, well aware that hanging around for everything to clear up usually means missing the boat.

Put another way, if you're aiming to build wealth, you've got to train your brain to spot opportunities where others don't. This means forging ahead when you don’t have all the answers. And, from a business perspective, there's also a solid reason why getting good at dealing with uncertainty matters. Research backs up that individuals who lean into uncertainty are better at driving their teams toward fresh and innovative ideas.

One effective way to learn how to deal with uncertainty is to place a bunch of "small venture bets" on companies that offer high-risk, high-return profiles.

This is where Doriot Venture Club comes into play. We've made the entry bar for investing in the startups we find as low as $10. This means with less than $300, you can spread your bets across 25 different startups, easing into the world of uncertainty, where the opportunities for wealth exist.

Feeling ready to dive into this adventure? Kick things off today by heading over to www.Doriot.vc!