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Announcing Doriot Venture Labs!

And celebrating with a Special Gift 🎁

We're delighted to announce the official launch of Doriot Venture Labs! To mark this momentous occasion, we're offering a special free gift at our brand-new website: www.Doriot.com.

If you've been following us over the past years, you've likely noticed our discreet conducting of multiple tests designed to teach scalable venture investing strategies. After thorough testing, we are more convinced than ever that we're on the brink of the next evolution in venture: retail.

In a notable projection, McKinsey (Feb '22) anticipates a significant surge in retail ownership of alternatives, expected to reach between $500B and $1.3T over the next 3-5 years. In a published memo on the consumerization of the private markets, Bessemer Venture Partners asserts companies that expand private market participation are poised to shape culture and economic opportunities for years to come. We agree.

However, three key challenges remain. Foremost among these is education. Without a solid grasp of venture investing, active participation remains elusive.

To solve the education problem, we built Fantasy Startup® – a platform offering an interactive and enjoyable way to learn startup investment disciplines.

Our goal is for every Venture/Entrepreneur professor to incorporate this tool into their curriculum, thereby imparting vital venture insights to millions of college students and sparking the next generation of venture investors.

8,000+ individuals have already played Fantasy Startup and provided empirical validation of its effectiveness.

The Next Level: QAI

Next, we introduced QAI – the first-ever "Venture Professional Certification"! QAI, which stands for “Qualified Accredited Investor”, is a collaborative effort between Doriot Venture Labs and the IU Kelley School of Business, an elite global business school whose Online MBA program ranks #1 in the US.

QAI is designed for VCs, Founders, Angels, and Advisors who want to be in the Top 20% in terms of venture knowledge and understanding. Cohort #1 is launching in September and we’ve already secured participation from several influential players in venture (including globally). If you’re interested in being a part of this historic first Cohort, we invite you to visit www.BeQAI.com and take the free assessment to gauge your venture acumen.

As an important side note, we've officially petitioned the SEC to have QAI approved as a Certifying Organization to approve individuals as accredited as an alternative to the traditional wealth test (in alignment with new SEC regulations introduced in 2020). We invite you to download our White Papers on the SEC’s Accredited Investor Rule here.

Getting Real-World Reps: Doriot Venture Club

In an experiment to solve the second and third friction points – deal flow and low investment minimums – we quietly launched Doriot Venture Club (DVC).

In DVC we systematically introduce high-quality RegCF deals to retail investors, guiding them through deal intricacies and investment processes while helping them build diversified portfolios within their budget.

Since its humble inception, membership has quadrupled, underscoring its value and proving the large and growing appetite for retail access into venture.

These endeavors represent only the beginning steps of our journey, and we're brimming with anticipation for the future. To take a breath and celebrate our launch, in partnership with Elevate Ventures, the most active venture fund in the Midwest, we're extending a gift: The First-Time Founder's Equity Bible.

With a 5-star rating on Amazon, the Equity Bible has been an invaluable guide for numerous entrepreneurs and angel investors seeking a deeper understanding of venture dynamics. Download your free copy at Doriot.com/equity-bible.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who've embarked on this journey alongside us. You know who you are and we are truly grateful for your contributions. Looking forward, we are steadfastly committed to responsibly guiding the masses into the world of venture so that everyone can profit from the future, not just the elite few.

Exciting times lie ahead!

Gerry Hays, Founder
Dan Devlin, Co-Founder
Akram Mnif, Co-Founderventure